What does low VOC paint mean?

Low VOC paint

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds

And I hear you whats does volatile organic compounds even mean? What does low VOC paint mean?

When paint drys it emits gases. Most off-gases from painting happens the first 6 months after application and can release more for a number of years. The VOC gases contribute to Atmosphere pollution.

Look for the Label

Each paint tin can should have a symbol on it to let you know what grade of VOC it is. SO High VOC means that it has a high level of gases are emitted that can result in irritations like sore eyes, throat  and you can have difficulty breathing.Remember years ago when you painted a room you would be able to smell the paint for months and you wouldn’t be able to say sleep in a bedroom because of the paint fumes. This was usually because it was oil based paint which would have High VOC levels.

What does Low VOC paint mean

Low Volatile Organic Compounds means that the paint gives off less of those chemicals

Low VOC’s are better for the environment and for your health so it’s important your award of these symbols when you are shopping for paint.

No VOC and Zero VOC Paints

You can now get paints that have No VOC’s or Zero

What I choose

I always use Low VOC paints. Its’ better for the environment and it’s better for you health wise to use low VOC. Of course I would prefer to use paints that have no VOC, but personally I think some NO or Zero VOC paints lack that durability factor which is one of the most important things to me. But I do think with all the developments in sustainability and technology thats it’s only a matter of time before all paints will be durable with Zero VOCs .

My favourite low VOC paint brands can be found HERE