Upcycling Furniture Workshops Ireland

These are my favourite days. There is a lot of work preparing them, but they are so much fun and really rewarding watching attendees flourish creating a piece of furniture that they really love.

In June 2019 I was shortlisted for the Mollie Makes Award in London, and in July I attended the awards where she pitched the Upcycling Furniture Workshops to a panel of judges. I delightedly came away with the Best Workshop Award, so at this workshop you are in good hands.

Upcycling Furniture Workshop

What happens at a workshop?

Get ready to have one of the best days! I really mean that. They are always so much fun a never be afraid to come by yourself most people do. You’re In a room of like-minded people, and there is a constant flow of chats about colour, houses that people renovating, what people plan to do with their pieces. I have had attendees book another workshop with friends they have made on the day, set up WhatsApp groups to keep in touch.

I travel around Ireland doing these workshops in locations like Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Clare , Kerry and Tipperary

What do you learn?

You learn all the basics of painting furniture. Every kind of furniture from pine, to oak, to laminate, to Ikea furniture. When you leave you will be able to paint anything in your home from the front door to your kitchen.

You will learn about the different paint finishes and tools, I don’t sell paint so you will get a non-biased view of different paint brands. There is always a great discussion on the different brands.

Tools. I talk about all the different paint tools you need to have in your toolbox. You can start off with the basics. Most tools I talk about are very inexpensive but make a huge difference to your finish.

You receive a guide on Second Hand Paint shops around Ireland I go through everything you need to know about sourcing, what to look out for and what to avoid.

Techniques. Below are a list of techniques I share throughout the day.

  • Preparation. Priming and Painting.
  • Wallpapering Furniture
  • Blending, creating the Ombre look
  • Gold leaf.
  • Stencilling.
  • Geometric Designs, stripes etc
  • Transferring font/graphics
  • Painting Flowers
  • Using Furniture Transfers

What do you get?

  • You bring home the piece of furniture that you have worked on during the workshop.
  • A booklet of everything you learned at the workshop. This is full of products used and all the techniques you learned so that when you go home you are equipped to tackle anything you like. It will guide you from what you learned at the workshop and re-jog your memory so that in months after the workshop you will still know exactly how to do it.
  • A second-Hand furniture guide for all the best places to go in Ireland to buy second hand furniture and online. There are so many hidden gems in there.
  • A colour guide card where you can collect your favourite colours at the workshop and keep and account of them for future reference

Who is it for?

This workshop is for beginners and for people who want to elevate their skill level.

I have had attendees who have never picked up a paint brush before to attendees who have painted a few pieces but wanted to get more creative and familiar with different techniques.

Additional on that day

Most places have a facility to make tea and coffee, so if there is one, I provide a nice tea selection, coffee etc and I will always have treats to keep our energy up during the workshop.

After the Workshop

After the workshop, you take home the piece you worked on that day, to find pride and place in your home. You also take away the booklet that covers everything you learned at the workshop so you can refer to them when you get home and are working on something that you need a reminder on. You also take home the Second-hand furniture guide to look at the best places to find old furniture.

After the Workshop

NEW: You will be invited to a Facebook Group called ‘After The Workshop’, where you can share any furniture projects. The last Friday of every month Joanne will pop in and do a LIVE at 8pm to answer any questions that have come up in the group. It will be a great day to keep connected to the friends you make on the day and also to make new ones from people who have previously attended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own furniture?

No, I carefully select the furniture for the workshops. I do this because I want to make sure they are structurally sound and that there isn’t anything that may prevent you continuing working on the piece like if you find woodworm etc. I also pre-sand the pieces for you, this is mostly for health and safety concerns with that many people sanding in one room that’s not appropriately ventilated. It’s also for connivence, it helps me create a workflow that you can be confidently creative, and if you are stuck on design, colour or technique I will have the appropriate time to help you. I want you to go home with a piece that you love and reflects your style and not an experiment.

I want you to walk into the workshop, with no worries and just ready to learn and enjoy your day.

What do you need to bring to the workshop?

All you need to bring is a packed lunch, most locations of the workshops have a tea/coffee facility.

Terms and Conditions for the Workshops HERE

If you want to watch a quick video of one of the workshops click HERE