Ebay set me a challenge to create something new from something old, using Ebay.ie.

I always accept a challenge and set off to see could I create something unexpected and different. It’s great fun to open your creative mind and have a play around with all the possibilities.

I headed over to http://www.ebay.ie picked up this gorgeous second-hand embroidered tablecloth from an Irish shop on Ebay, gave it a cold wash in the washing machine and hung it out to dry. Ebay had loads of lovely vintage tablecloths and embordered table runners to choose from. It’s great to be able to find something specific like a vintage table cloth.

I decided I could create some Upcycled washbag with it and give them as little gifts.

Upcycled Washbag

I wanted to create a pretty washbag to keep some bit and pieces in.


  1. I made a paper template 22cm x 22cm and placed it down on my tablecloth and cut 2 pieces the same size.

              Zip Trick

For me zips are the most annoying thing about sewing. This little trick makes it a lot easier.

  • I always start on the zip side of the project. I pin the two pieces of fabric together and sew along the line I want my zip to me. So essentially you are sewing the opening line of the zip. (This will make sense later)
  • Once this is sewn, I use an Iron to press down the two sides. And pin my zip in place. I sew each side of the zip in position. The zip should be in direct line of the first line we sewed.
  • With a stitch ripper, I ripped out the stitch line that was in the centre to allow the zip to be shown and more importantly used.
  • Then at the end of my wash bag, I wanted to add some fun pom pom trim. So, I sewed the trim onto one side first with a zipper foot. This is to make sure it was in the best position. Make sure that you have the trim turned towards the zip, so that when you turn it inside out it’s on the right side. I then I sewed the other side in place.
  • Next, sew the other two edge lines together, and turn everything inside out. You will have to wiggle out the corners.
  • Press with an Iron.
  • I added a little tassel on the Zip to make it fancy.

With some left over pieces, I also decided to create a Bow and buttons, there are some many possibilities with fabric scraps.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid partnership with Ebay Ireland