Are you stuck for some Upcycling Furniture Ideas? I have been painting furniture for over 10 years,  so here are some of my favourites.  If you hop onto my pinterest page after this blog post you will find loads more 

Upcycling Furniture Ideas for Chairs

Never underestimate a plain timber chair painted. You can pick plain wooden chairs that don’t look like much for as little as €5. With a good paint job it can last you years. I painted kitchen farmhouse chairs that were 40 years old and they looked brand new with a fresh paint job. Pop on your favourite colour and a new cushion and these look great in any corner of a room. Also great to pull out when you need extra chairs for visitors. I found this amazing shell shaped back chair in a second hand furniture shop.

Painted Kitchen Chairs

Upcycled Tables

Now these might take a little more elbow grease but another piece of furniture you can easily buy for upcycling. From kitchen tables, to coffee tables to side tables. I loved this mid century style coffee table, adding some colourful triangles and leaving some of the wood on show, you can get the best of both worlds.

geometric painted coffee table

Upcycled Lockers

You can paint them plain, add wallpaper, paint detail. Bedside lockers can be really nice as an extra piece of furniture for storage on a little nook it in a hall way with adding a lamp and vase of flowers can give it a different but useful function.

Rainbow Locker

The Details

When you are looking for Upcycling Furniture Ideas, the smallest detail could spark the idea for the whole piece. Its all in the details, of it has a key, pop a little tassel on it, if its got drawers, paper the inside all those little details make a huge difference.

Upcycled Furniture with wallpaper

Upcycling Furniture Ideas

Top 5 tips when you struggling for ideas for Upcycling furniture.

  1. Look at the era when the piece of furniture was made. Take note of the styles and colours that might work.
  2. Look at the room its going into what colour palette might work best for the piece. Is there a colour you can pull from fabrics and patterns in that room.
  3. Look at a few ideas that you like on pinterest and home magazines and look to see is there and element that will work
  4. Draw a quick little sketch, photocopy it a few times and draw out some of your options and colours and play around.
  5. If your still stuck after the above you may need to just walk away for a little while and usually an idea will pop into your head. You just may have needed a break.