Top Paint Brands

There are so many different paint brands on the market. With new ones arriving everyday. It can be so confusing.

What are the Top Paint Brands you need to be looking for. Which brand do you go for? What brand is the best quality? I was interested to see what other people in the industry preferred and why. Keep these brands in mind when you are wondering which one to pick up. 

Paint is the fastest way to really transform a space. Quality of the paint is a huge factor, not only in the finish but applying a really good quality paint is miles different than trying to do a good job with a bad paint quality. 

I know what I like but I was keen to see what other creatives in the interior industry preferred and this is what their Top Paint Brands are. 

Darran from Old Victorian New 

Darran Heaney

Darran is one of the classiest guys on the gram. He has a great taste and eye for colours and has the ability to create a gorgeous mood and atmosphere with his colour choices. 
Darran said: 
Fleetwood is my “go to” paint brand. I have used it almost everywhere in my home and always recommend it to clients on my colour conversations online. (check out Darran’s service here) Their prestige range is excellent quality, durable and lovely to paint with. I have used some colours from their Vogue and Pantone collections, but more often, I use their paint as a base for colour matching. As I live in a period home, I find the Farrow & Ball Colour palette appropriate for the house. Fleetwood provides this service and I usually get paints mixed up in a washable matt emulsion base, especially for high traffic areas.
Darran Heaney
Bedroom – Railings in Fleetwood Paint
The key benefits for this brand is the durability. It is something I have noticed from Fleetwood paint. It lasts a long time and keeps its colour well. Standard Fleetwood Matt emulsion is an excellent base paint for fresh plaster and can be watered down to provide an even first coat. Fleetwood paint has great coverage too and almost always covers walls in two coats. Coverage is important, particularly when you are on a budget. You can buy a cheaper alternative paint, but you will end up buying more. You also spend more of your time applying a third coat. Fleetwood covers in two coats and gives a nice, even finish. The price point is great too, particularly if you have large areas to cover, giving great value for your money. 
old victorian new
Living Room – Mouse’s Back in Fleetwood Paint


I love the Fleetwood Vogue collection, which has been carefully selected by Award winning Irish designer and Fleetwood Paints Brand Ambassador Róisín Lafferty. Kensington Grey is a lovely neutral and Monet Deep is an incredibly deep, rich colour. If I am colour matching to Farrow & Ball, I love Mouse’s Back, Pavillion Grey and Dead Salmon.
Check out Darrans website, he has a great range of blog posts and has won loads of awards for this blog at 
Follow him on Instagram:  @oldvictoriannew 


Norma from The House that Will 

The house that will

Norma from the is gifted and her standards are high, you can see that from every single detail in her work. Norma’s award winning blog is full of in depth tutorials and she knows her stuff. So I was eager to see what her go to paint brand was.

Norma said:

After trying many different paints, including so-called “luxury” brands, I have found that Colourtrend just can’t be beaten for quality. They’re also an Irish company, which is a bonus!


Colourtrend gives good coverage and a beautiful finish and has consistently proven to be the most hardwearing in our home over the years.

Colourtrend paints

‘Praise Giving’ is a fantastic ‘greige’ neutral colour that will work almost anywhere. For a restful pale blue that doesn’t feel like a traditional baby boy’s room, ‘Water Droplet’ is simply perfect.

the house that will

You can check out Normas blog at She was great tutorials and inspiration.

You can follow her on Instagram here @thehousethatwill


Sarah from Colourful Saz 

Colourful Saz

Sarah has a really unique style and eye for colour catching patterns and designs. She takes commissions and has started a youtube channel full of tutorials. 
Sarah said: 
Favourite paint brand at the moment is probably fusion. I love it because you don’t have to prime with it most of the time and its great for little projects for that reason.
upcycled furniture
Key benefits- the coverage of the yellow little star is phenomenal. A lot of the time if I’m using yellow I’ll use it as a base coat to prevent having to do a million coats! Yellow can be such a nightmare colour.
Colourful Saz
Favourite colours are probably Liberty Blue and Tuscan Orange and Azure. I love the colours in this range. A lot of people might want a wider range of colours but i think they work so well together that i just love them.
colourful saz
Her Instagram account is @colourfulsaz 

Wioleta Kelly for Abbeyfeale Interiors

Wioleta has amazing taste, and her own home transformations are amazing. I never know what to expect when I see her latest projects but there are always so impressive. She has clients all over Ireland so she knows what brands work best.

Wioleta said:

 I love Colourtrend. As an interior designer it’s important to me to recommend and work with paint that is durable, has a great variety of colours and, of course, being Irish is a plus. Colourtrend has all that and more. I tested many different paint brands over the years (I always say that my home is my experimental field in that regard) and nothing beats Colourtrend for me. 

The most important thing with paint is how many coats of paint will you need to paint your walls. I recently used a very popular high-end paint brand and was so disappointed when I realised that I needed to use 3 coats to cover walls painted in an off-white colour. That’s not what you want from a good paint!-durability – Spillages, dirt, marks – if your walls are painted with good paint, you will be able to wash all that from your walls, over and over again, without worrying that you wash away the paint.-as I mentioned earlier, it’s important to me that I recommend Irish based company over any other. Supporting local and our own is now more important than ever, I think.

My favourite colours are neutrals. I love Harrow Gate 0230, Mossy Shade 0195, Dave’s Den 0420 and Sheepskin 0566 just to name a few. All from Colourtrend fan deck. 

Wioleta is extremely gifted and knows how to pull a room together. She is creative and has a real unique style and flair in her interior design. She also from time to time does online classes so make sure you keep and eye on her website. You can find her website here

She is an excellent follow on her Instagram  @wioleta_kelly

Lynn from My Old Brand New Home

Lynn makes great choices when it comes to her home and room design. I particularly love her home decor taste. She has an amazing eye for those finishing elements that can change the vibe of a room in an instant.

 Lynn said:

I try to use and trial different paint brands but time and time again I keep coming back to Crown Paint. It’s not over priced, very good quality and they’ve a huge range of colours and finishes from indoor to outdoor, walls to wood and everything in between. I guess you could say, they’re my old reliable.  

Photo Credit: Philip Lauterbach

 As far as the high street paint brands go, Crown is my favourite to use. You know what you’re getting and the quality is solid. I’ve rarely had to do more than two coats on something and the coverage is nice and even. Plus you cannot beat the product line, there really is a colour for everything. The Crown Paint website is actually one of my go-to resources when planning a room colour scheme or mood board. 

 I’m definitely a pink girl but I’m really feeling browns and terracottas lately. It must be summer coming in but I can’t get enough of the tropical, orange hue. I think terracotta is such a beautiful colour that would go with a range of shades but my favourite to match it with would be pink and blue. 

Lynns Bathroom

Lynn has great style and I love watching her on Instagram as she pulls a room together. You can follow her on Instagram @myoldbrandnewhome and you can read her latest blog posts via her website at

I have favourite brands I use for painting furniture. I have tried hundreds of brands and I love seeing how they last over time. If you liked this blog post you might like this blog post about my favourite painting furniture paint.