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Cork City Upcycling Workshop



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Any problems or questions please email: joannecondondiy@gmail.com

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Cork City Upcycling Workshop

Date: Sunday October 15th 2023

Location: Cork City, Cricket Club, Mardyke 

Click HERE for google maps on location

Time: 10am-5pm

Parking: There is parking right outside the venue and is free on Sundays

Cork City Upcycling Workshop. This workshop is delivered by Upcycling Furniture Expert Joanne Condon who has been Upcycling for over 12 years. Joanne won Best Workshop Awards in London with Mollie Makes Magazine in 2018. This is a full day workshop where you learn everything you need to paint any piece of furniture. There is a fun and relaxed atmosphere at the workshop and you will meet like minded people.

All you need is a packed lunch, everything else is provided for you.

At the Workshop 

  • Questions are encouraged throughout the workshop
  • You will work on a piece of furniture through the day that is provided or you. (small table/locker)
  • Joanne will guide you on how to decide on a style and what colours to choose that reflect your personal style.

What you learn at the workshop: 

  • Sourcing old furniture, where to go and what you need to look out for. (woodworm etc)
  • Prepping and Priming furniture correctly.
  • How to paint furniture and information on different paint brands.
  • What are the best tools to use.
  • A range of techniques including Gold Leaf, Applying Wallpaper, Stencilling, How to transfer font, Geometric designs and much more

After the Workshop: 

  • You bring home your piece of furniture that you worked on
  • You will receive a booklet to help guide you at home after the workshop.
  • A guide of the best places around Ireland for buying second hand furniture.

When you leave this workshop there wont be any piece of furniture that you will not be able to paint.

All you need to bring is a packed lunch.



Do I need to bring a piece of furniture with me? No the furniture is provided for you, you will choose from a locker/small table to work on at the workshop. You will bring this piece of furniture home with you after the workshop.

What do I need to bring with me? All you need to bring is a packed lunch, everything else is provided at the workshop.

What do I need to wear? You will be provided with an apron on the day but you still might get paint on your clothes so please don’t wear anything you don’t want to get paint on.


For the Cork City Upcycling Workshop, If you have any further questions please email joannecondondiy@gmail.com

If you want to learn more about me please visit https://joannecondon.com/about-me-upcycling-furniture/




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