An online creative upholstery course designed for you to learn at your own pace

Course Breakdown

Week One

Stripping varnish and refinishing with oil. Design and Handprinted fabric. Handpainted design and Light Upholstery.

Week Two

Stripping back fabric. Replacing and cutting foam. Adding buttons, lining with felt and adding new furniture legs.

Week Three

Prep and painting Chair Frame, common repairs. Re-webbing base. Refilling, upcycling fabric with simple screen printing.

Week Four

Striping back fabric and mapping out new fabric. Refinishing woodwork. Creating a modern style patchwork in velvet fabric. Making and fitting pipping. Upholstery finishing Techniques

Button back headboard

Bonus week/ Time-sensitive. Bonus will disappear on Nov 2nd. Step x Step in how to make your own deep button back headboard from scratch.


Video Lessons

Each week you will get a new lesson. Each lesson is broken down into short videos to complete.

PDF Booklet

A downloadable guide on each weeks project to help you along the way

Community Area

Ask questions in the community area and share ideas


You have 24months of access to the course so you can take it at your own pace

Meet your Teacher

Hey my name is Joanne Condon, I have been running an up-cycling business for the last 10 years and 9 years ago I left my career as an art teacher to pursue my own business and I haven’t looked back. I spent years in college experimenting with textiles and paint spending hours playing with colour combos, textures and manipulating fabrics. I used to own a shop where I would up-cycle and upholstery pieces for customers. I love that with up-cycling you can change an old piece of furniture, save it from landfill and give it a whole new lease of life. About 4 years ago I started offering workshops, where I would teach people the skills that I have learned throughout my career (I don’t think that there isn’t one problem I haven’t come across) The workshops took over and I have thought well over 1,000 people how to up-cycle. I have a love for up-cycling and with my background as an art teacher I take great pride in teaching techniques that are broken down, easy to understand but create amazing results. I married everything I know into this Online course.

What tools do I need?

Each project will come with a list of tools that I used in that project. A list will be provided for you incase you want to get a particular tool. I go into each tool in detail.
But for example each project can be completed with a hand staple gun but, I do share electrical and air compressor staple gun so you will get to see them all in action and make an informed decision if you want to purchase one. Another example is a webbing stretcher tool, you may not need it for your project but there is a lesson on how to use it and a link provided incase you want to purchase.

How long will I get access to the course

The minimum is 24 months so you have 2 years of access to the course content. Its designed so you can learn at your own pace.

What If I don’t have the exact projects that you have in the course?

The techniques in the course can be used throughout a variety of different projects. For example mapping out fabric lesson can be used on all upholstery projects you take on in the future as well as stripping and finishing techniques.