One Room Challenge

 One Room Challenge Week Two

One room challenge


One Room Challenge Week Two already! To see all the other amazing room makeovers check this page

The preparation stage is not as exciting as the finishing stage that’s for sure. It always makes me feel like I am behind because you don’t see much progress but the prep work is one of the most important parts.

What did I do this week

I took down most of the tiles from behind the stove and I am just waiting on the plumber to come out and remove the stove so I can get back in there and tile. I got all the brackets and shelves off the wall and filled the holes and sanded them back.

Removing wallpaper

I removed all this gorgeous wallpaper, it made me a little sad because it’s still fabulous wallpaper. This colour will still be in the room though, just with a different combo.

handmade pots

I’m really enjoying experimenting making these pots for the plant wall. I will make some block colour ones too to scatter in amongst the other ones. I made a tray as well that I can use in the built in.

Dulux Paint

I got the ceiling painted. It so strange you think that maybe it doesn’t need a fresh coat of white paint, then I dabbed a little bit of white paint on the ceiling and there was a huge difference. Painted it with Dulux Trade Supermatt for the ceiling and used a Two fussy blokes roller and got a good audio book on. Painted the fireplace a coat but I will be going over this in the right white once my paint arrives.

What the aim is for next week

I feel like I need to get every piece of painting finished so I can move on, and also move some furniture back into the space. Even though I’m only doing one room I feel like the rest of the house is chaotic. But with everything cleared out of his room It will help me work faster. I need to finalise my plans for the built in as well so I can begin that soon. I’m going to take my time with the built in so I get it right.

room makeover

Floating shelf wall for the indoor plants and my colourful pots. I am really excited to get this up so I can really work on what colour combos will work best for this room. It’s better for me to see things visually progress.  Then if I need to make tweaks with colour or do a pivot I want. I ordered a really large rug as well that will cover most of the floor tiles which I hate and hope to remove and re-tile at some stage this year. Also this week I’ll try at get at least one shelf up If I can.

If you want to see the plans for the room that I described in Week One go HERE