One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge.

I love a challenge and over the years I have been watching loads of different designers take part in the One Room Challenge and it’s so fun to watch the transformations. That is why, I decided to sign up this year and take part.

You can see all the other room makeover plans on the link below:

One Room Challenge: Living Room

I chose the Living Room for this challenge. I have never been happy with it. It is the room we spend the most time in, but I feel like it doesn’t function as well as it could. I have a large dresser that just holds rubbish. Its like those drawers you have in your home that doesn’t really have a purpose. Its filled to the brim with bits.

The Before 

The Design Problems

This room has a few design problems I want to fix. First is the TV is too high, so we are moving it into the nook area where I am building built in to suit our needs. On the left of the fireplace is a box that holds the pipes, which can’t be moved. So I need to come up a solution which I was thinking might be a log storage possibility.

The next issue is the nook area, its a real waste of space. I have tried a few wall shelves over the years but nothing really worked here either. My husband loves to stock up on sticks for the fire. So I’m hoping to put two units for log storage here that I can pull out.

Another issue in this room is charging wires and plugs are everywhere so I might add an additional drawer to the built in, and keep it as a charging station.

Starting Point

There is always one thing that sparks out how to room is going to look. It could be the smallest item, like a vase, or a paint colour. For me it was a sofa, and amazing sofa from DFS that spoke to me on many levels. The first thing was the shape, a nod to the mid century stylish shapes and angles. Then the colour, that rich, deep vibrant mustard. It is designed by Grand Designs and it’s a sofa made with sustainability in mind. This sofa is the sofa of dreams and later I will do a blog post all about it. This is really the central focus of the room. It was the deciding factor in the colour scheme layout and style.

disclaimer: The sofa is part of a collab with DFS

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is one my favourite things to plan. My dining room which is part of the living room is in a dusty pink colour which I love and the mustard of the couch ties in perfectly with this colour. I’m also drawing this colour out to the tiles for the back of the stove. This combo can be seen in many areas of my home. I love it. I am introducing a terracotta orange as well into this scheme, very minimally. It’s not a colour I have anywhere else in my home but I am adding it to some pots and cushions to make the colours a little richer. The walls are going to an off white, I went with Dulux Cameo Silk 3 and in small areas I may also add a noce dusty pink of Silken Sunrise 4 again it’s a Dulux colour.

The Details

So I have lots of DIY projects to share. The dresser is going to be replaced by a plant wall. I love the idea of an indoor garden. This will be made up of succulent plants and in pots I am making myself. By making them myself I can really play with the colours. By switching this from a cluttered dresser to a plant wall will bring the space to life while also illuminating the clutter.

I still need to decide on lighting and a rug.

I’ll also be making the built in, plant pot making, lamp making, tiling, making shelves, painting ceiling, walls and woodwork and lots more so make sure you follow!