One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Week Five already! I was highly stressed this week, everything I had ordered got delayed. There is a shortage on MDF as well it seems. The light was delayed, the rugs, the sealer for the tiles. Then on thursday everything arrived on the same day. So I went straight back into action.

I have hung the floating wall shelves. I got great floating shelf brackets on Amazon. I have filled them with the pots I made but I have one or to that I want to change. But that’s just about finished.

I was playing around and made these new handles too for the built in. Im in LOVE with them. I will have two of these facing each other on the doors of the built in.

furniture handles I had to get a special tile sealer to seal the cement tiles, So each tile got 5 coats before I can put them up and then they need a few coats after as they are still quite porous. I am putting white grout behind these. I know it sounds like it might not work behind a stove, but the original ones had cream grout and they were fine.


Window Painting

I got the windows painted pink and I am really happy how they turned out. The dark window frames were dominate and everytime I walked into the room it’s the first thing I would see. Painting them in this pink really knocked them back and makes the room look a lot brighter.

Painting Windows

The Week Ahead

So my list of jobs is getting long and I also have to speed it up a little. So by tomorrow I will have the built in made. Painting it next week and finishing the tiles. Its great to be doing the fun stuff now. I will also be starting the punch needle cushions. The finish line is near!

One Room Challenge

I must say that I am really enjoying watching everyone’s makeovers come to life. The work has been Incredible, It’s really worth checking out what everyone is getting up to and check out the One Room Challenge on Instagram as well. It’s so exciting and inspiring.

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