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Love Upcycling Furniture?

Welcome to my website. In think you are going to love it here.

Upcycling Furniture can be so enjoyable if you know how. Have the right tools and products so that you can love, use and be proud of your upcycled furniture. 

Thats where I come in. You don’t need to worry about what paint to use, do you need  to sand? What if you choose the wrong finish. Can you even paint that, should you even paint that? 

I have 11 years experience I have made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. 

You can start by reading my blog for some Free resources, guides and to answer some of those questions you have 


Upcycled Furniture Workshops
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joannes' Mission

I want to teach and inspire people how to Upcycle old furniture. I want to show you that you can live more sustainably without having to compromise on style.


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Joanne Condon Upcycling

Hello, Im Joanne Condon

I am a Furniture Upcycler

I am passionate about colour and fun interirors 

Online Course

Joanne has an online Upcycling and Upholstery courses. New range of Masterclasses coming soon. 


Joanne hosts online webinars on Beginners Upcycling and her most popular How to sell your Upycled Furniture. 

In Person Workshops

Award Winning Upcycling Furniture Workshops. Joanne travels all around Ireland delivering one day workshops. 

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ONline WEbinar

Selling Upcycled Furniture Masterclass

Joanne holds a 2 hour LIVE webinar to teach you how to Sell the Furniture you Upcycle, whether it’s a side hustle or a full time job. Joanne takes you through different elements to improve your sales, get noticed and what makes your furniture sell. 


"This webinar was amazing. the 2 hours flew by. Her presentation was extremely informative and she taught so much about staging, pricing, marketing and how to reach our target market." Aisling O' Neill