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Finding these amazing accounts made me fall back in love with Instagram again. These are my top Instagram Interiors Inspiration Accounts UK, accounts that I’m totally obsessed with and the reason I pop on to see what they are doing. 

These accounts are golden for colourful Interiors Inspiration.  If you love colour but are afraid of bold and string colours, you’ll think differently once you follow these accounts! What I love the most about these accounts as well is they do regular accounts that they follow on stories.Through that I’ve found so many more accounts that I love. These are the first 5 accounts in no particular order…


The House That Colour Built

Instagram account: @Thehousecolourbuilt

colourful interiors

Jess and Rick have the most amazing home. The colour palette is amazing and I love that every wall is a vibrant colour. It is a real no holding back home and Im here for it. I often pop in for a look through the account even though I have already seen it 100 times. It’s just pure Joy. Jess has such a great eye for colour. Teaming those colour choices with vintage items from charity shops and finding absolute gems on Ebay. It makes me want to rip down my house and start again! Its a brilliant follow

Paint The Town Pastel

Instagram: @paintthetownpastel

Colourful Interiors

Jay is an absolute legend, and her home is AMAZING! I was glued to her account when she painted her stairs and beige hall the most gorgeous shade of lavender. The cherry on top was when she added gold leaf to the steps of the stairs. You have to check it out. I never really thought much of the colour purple. But Jay has totally changed my mind. I’m currently looking into each room of my house wondering ‘Could you be lavender?’. Jays home embraces colour. The pastel tones with a punch of a deep colour that she has throughout her home. Not only that but from chatting to her in DM’s I know she is great craic!

Move over Magnolia

Instagram: @moveovermagnolia

Colourful Interiors

Emma’s home is just simply gorgeous. Emma is not only has an amazing eye for colour she also is super crafty. You need to check out her mantle display she made for Christmas mostly made with paper flowers and leaves. It was so cool. I think the first time I saw a pink kitchen tap was on Emma’s account. Her eye for colour and combos is amazing. She is also setting up an amazing new business venture, painting glass. CLICK HERE

Tierney terrace location

Instagram: @tierneyterraceloaction

colourful interiors instagam accounts

Nikki and Luke have this amazing home in London inspired by Palm Springs. The outside of there home is just as cool as the inside! Her bright and punchy blue kitchen is so amazing. There are some real gems on the feed with the before and afters of the transformations on their home. Their home has even been featured in an ad for Decathlon.

Karen Anita

Instagram: @karenanita

colourful interiors account

Karen is renovating a 1886 Victorian Home in Manchester. Karens page she is full of fun and quirky ideas and she is the queen of DIY. She has the most amazing bathroom, pink and yellow (my favourite colour combo). I am obsessed with her hexagon wall panelling in that cobalt blue. She has a wonderful eye for colour and pattern.

colourful interiors
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