DIY hanging rope shelf with Expert Hardware

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Hanging DIY Shelf 

The Shelf wall is going to be the new gallery wall in the 2021 interior trends prediction. Let’s make our own shelves to get ahead of the trend with this easy DIY. This is a nice quick DIY that is cost effective and you can get it done in an hour. 

Styling the key here but also one of my favourite parts, but we need to make that shelf first. I’m going to show you exactly how. I headed down to my local Expert Hardware which is McCarras in Newcastle to find your local expert hardware CLICK HERE 

I’m going to use builders twine for this shelf, it comes on a roll and in neon colours it’s great to hang pictures off as well. It’s really strong so it’s perfect with loads of projects. 

DIY robe shelf

Materials needed:

Piece of timber board I got a length of 4 x 1 

Builders Twine (these come on neon pink and neon yellow) 

A drill and a drill bit , I used the smallest size, but whatever rope/twine you choose will guide you on how thick you need the drill bit.

Old beads

A hand saw 

Method to Make a DIY hanging rope shelf 

  • Cut 2 equal lengths of the board. I cut mine 55cm wide. Sand the edges to make sure they are smooth. If you wanted painted shelfs now is the time to paint them. One coat of primer and two coats of satin wood paint. I just painted the edges.

Mark 4 points in all 4 corners of the board that the twine will go through. Come in 15mm from the sides and mark with a pencil 

  • Drill the hole at the point we marked and drill the whole way through the piece of timber. Top tip: place a piece of timber underneath the wood to prevent it from getting jagged edges. Repeat on the point on the two pieces of boards. 
  • Feed the twine through the holes, leaving a loop at the top. Make sure you two pieces of twine are the exact same length. 
  • Once the first shelf is fed through the twine. Add a bead to keep it in position and tie a series of knots to keep the shelf in position. This can be tricky to get the position equal on all four point, so you can measure and put a bit of masking tape in those areas so that its even 
  • Once you have this completed on the first shelf.  Hang it up to see do you need to make any adjustments to the level before you add the next shelf. 

Top Tip:  You can use the level on your phone 

  • Add the second shelf repeating the process.  Hang to check level. You might need to adjust the knots and beads a few times to get everything level.
  • Styling. This can be great to style some plants and pots like a little mini indoor garden, or you can display some of your favourite homewares

Finished DIY hanging shelf

DIY robe shelf

DISCLAIMER: Wood was #gifted to me by Expert Hardware

Mugs Top Shelf

Pink Mug by Harriet Cheal Ceramics

Pink, Yellow and Blue shaped pattern by Minx Factory

Orange dot and blue mug by Aoife Slattery Ceramics

Mugs Bottom Shelf

Pink Stripe Mug by Maka Ceramics

Colourful low mug by Ardmore Pottery

Yellow base and colour fleck by Natko Ceramics

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