I love the shape of the Hendrick’s Gin bottle, it’s one of those Bottles that you hang onto and don’t want through it into the recycling because it’s got too much potential.

How to make a DIY Bottle Lamp

What you need: 


Step One: 

Rinse out your old Hendricks Gin bottle. Make sure you keep the lid and that you don’t damage the label with water.

Step Two

Optional: Etching the bulb 

I etched the bulb with a cucumber pattern. I just drew a slice of cucumber and turned it into a graphic for the Cricut machine. I have the explore 3 machine and I must say I really love it! I printed the slice a number of times on the vinyl and attached it onto the bulb making sure there are no gaps that the etching paste might seep through.



Carefully apply the etching paste, thickly with a brush and leave to dry for 15-20 mins. Make sure you are wearing gloves.

With a damp cloth remove the etching paste, be careful not to get any water near the bulb elertics. Dry with a cloth and peel back the vinyl to reveal your etched bulb.

Step Three

Attaching the light fixture:

The great thing about this lamp kit is that it is really safe, no drilling holes in a glass bottle at the wire comes out the side and not down the middle of the fitting. Also no need to re-wire either making it really safe, easy and quick to use.

I removed the little bottle plug as it didn’t fit into the bottle top, I found a double ended bolt, that I could screw up into the base.

I painted the outer lamp in just a black poster paint.

I drilled a hole into the lid of the Hendrick’s lid, using the same size drill piece as the bolt. Then screw the lid into the lamp fixture.

Pop it onto the bottle, screw in upit bulb and its as easy as that!