Directors Chair Upcycle using Vintage Curtains

Method For Directors Chair Upcycle using Vintage Curtains

Painting the frame:

  • I removed the old fabric panels which came out really easy.
  • I cleaned down the chair with sugar soap.
  • Sand the wood with a medium sanding block in the direction of the grain
  • Remove all the dust with a tack cloth.
  • Paint the surface with primer and a paint brush and leave to fully dry.
  • Paint the surface with your eggshell paint, leave to fully dry and give it a second coat

Screen printing:

Screen printing takes a little practice to get right but it’s really enjoyable when you get into it. If you don’t have a screen for printing there is another alternative. Freezer paper to print on the letters. (YouTube on technique below)

  • I set up an easy screen-printing table by attaching screen brackets and using a weight to allow me to pull the ink on the screen with ease.
  • Fabric: The Old fabric can be used as a template. Give yourself enough room around the edges to allow me extra wiggle room to line up my print.

Cutting Letters

  • I cut letters with my circuit machine, but this could also easily be done by hand and with a scissors just make sure you are cutting them back to front.
  • The letters need to be cut back to front and stuck on the back of the screen.
  • Create a long pool of paint the same distance as your squidgy and drag the ink over the letters in one motion. Ink up your squidgy again with the excess ink from the first pull and bring it back over the letters again.
  • Pull the screen off the fabric and leave the ink to dry fully.
  • I printed this twice once with neon pink ink ,because I thought that the neon on its own was too faint. I t layered it with the lighter pink ink. With the second print I pull the screen up and over to create the drop shadow.
  • Measure the fabric to make sure it was the exact same size as the template and pressed the edges with an iron to make sure it would sew a little easier.
  • Attach the neon pink pipping to the edges with the sewing machine. I popped in front and back edges to complement the neon back shadow on the lettering.
  • Sew the line at each size for the timber dowel to slot back in and placed it back on the chair.

If you don’t have a screen I have an alternative option that’s easy to do on my YouTube video below

Check Out my Youtube Video to see processes!

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