• Top 5 mistakes when furniture painting

    furniture paint

    I have been furniture painting for years, obsessively so. I don’t think there has been a problem I have not come across. There is no mistake I have not made myself in my 10+ years of painting furniture especially at the start. Anyone can read information of a spec sheet. Using paint and working with […]


  • Woodworm in furniture


      If you’re just sitting down for your breakfast/lunch or supper, I suggest not to read this blog post right now. This isn’t to give you the Heebie Jeebies, just to keep you aware. Most of the time woodworm is treatable so it’s going to be ok! What is woodworm? Woodworm is a larvae that […]


  • Furniture for Upcycling

    Furniture for upcycling

    Furniture for Upcycling Where do you go to find it and what exactly are you looking for? Places to go. The main places I would to find furniture for upcycling are:  Charity shop Charity Furniture warehouse Second Hand Furniture Shop Car boot Sale Vintage shops Online market places like facebook marketplace, Done Deal, adverts  etc  […]


  • Upcycling Furniture Ideas

    Upcycled Furniture with wallpaper

    Are you stuck for some Upcycling Furniture Ideas? I have been painting furniture for over 10 years,  so here are some of my favourites.  If you hop onto my pinterest page after this blog post you will find loads more      Upcycling Furniture Ideas for Chairs Never underestimate a plain timber chair painted. You […]


  • Upcycling Furniture without sanding

    Sanding Upcycled Furniture

    Do I really need to sand when up-cycling furniture? There are loads of paint on the market that have the no prep appeal. Upcycling furniture without sanding sounds amazing but is it as easy and just skipping this step? You don’t need to sand and go straight in with the paint with no prep? Why […]