• Furniture Upcycling Ideas

    Furniture Upcycling Ideas

    Furniture Upcycling  Ideas There are endless things you can do with Furniture Upcycling for your home. I think it’s better to ignore the trends (unless your selling) and upcycle your pieces exactly the way you want them. I have upcycled thousands of pieces over the years, and I love experimenting with different styles. Sometimes you […]


  • Sew A Kimono

    Sew a bed sheet into a Kimono in under an hour It’s my final Challenge with eBay Ireland. eBay have challenged me to create something new from something old. If you want to check out the other two challenges, you can find them HERE and HERE. Even though these challenges were quite hard (they don’t […]


  • Upcycled Wash bag

    Ebay set me a challenge to create something new from something old, using Ebay.ie. I always accept a challenge and set off to see could I create something unexpected and different. It’s great fun to open your creative mind and have a play around with all the possibilities. I headed over to http://www.ebay.ie picked up […]


  • Removing Chalk paint

    removing chalk paint

      I really didn’ t think that I would be un-cycling a piece of furniture but here we are. I often get asked how do you remove chalk paint to get it back to the wood grain and this was the perfect project to share how to do that. Ercol Mid Century furniture is hands […]


  • DIY Hendricks Gin Lamp

    diy hendricks gin lamp

    I love the shape of the Hendrick’s Gin bottle, it’s one of those Bottles that you hang onto and don’t want throw it into the recycling because it’s got too much potential. DIY Hendricks Bottle Lamp I drew out this cucumber shape (Hendricks Gin is made with Cucumber and Rose Botanicals) I cut the shape […]


  • How to make a Colour Wheel

    How to make a Colour Wheel Colour is the most important thing to my work. I think colour is everything! It is the difference between, liking something and LOVING something. The colour wheel is a great resource to have no matter what creative career you are in. The colour wheel is a great way of […]


  • Best Furniture Paint

    furniture paint

    Top Furniture Paint Brands I have been painting furniture of over 10 years, literally have painted thousands of pieces of furniture in that time. I am really obsessed with the painting process and getting the best finish. There isn’t a paint brand I haven’t tried. I jumped on the chalk-ly style paint band-wagon and quickly […]