• Painting Tiles

    What you need to know before Painting Tiles Painting tiles is only a temporary solution. They are not going to last forever and be absolutely perfect. So keeping in mind its a temporary solution, this does not work on any type of tile. I love testing paint and seeing how well it holds up. A […]


  • Best way to get the perfect colour

    Best way to get the perfect colour with Crown Colour Key Reader This is really a game changer. I don’t know how I even lived without it. I have spent many years hunting and chasing colours mostly trying to match up come colour I have seen on random objects. This little gadget does so much. […]


  • Top Paint Brands

    Top Paint Brands

    There are so many different paint brands on the market. With new ones arriving everyday. It can be so confusing. What are the Top Paint Brands you need to be looking for. Which brand do you go for? What brand is the best quality? I was interested to see what other people in the industry […]


  • How to make a blanket ladder

    diy ladder

    Materials:  1 length of 3×1  1 length of 1×1  Wood Glue  Nails  Saw and mitre box Measuring tape  Primer and paint  Paint Roller (two fussy blokes) and brush.  Method: How to make a blanket ladder.  Cut your two pieces of equal length for your desired height of your ladder. I cut mine 4 foot long. […]


  • Interiors Instagram Inspiration

    colourful interiors

    Interiors Instagram Inspiration Uk Addition Finding these amazing accounts made me fall back in love with Instagram again. These are my top Instagram Interiors Inspiration Accounts UK, accounts that I’m totally obsessed with and the reason I pop on to see what they are doing.  These accounts are golden for colourful Interiors Inspiration.  If you […]