• How To Paint Pine Furniture

    How to Paint Pine Furniture Remember the days of Pine ceilings teamed with pine floors, skirting board and doors. All different shades of orange varnish stains. Well those days are gone! Pine furniture is good quality, and really comes up lovely when painted. It’s such a transformation and with the good bones of the pine […]


  • Best way to get the perfect colour

    Best way to get the perfect colour with Crown Colour Key Reader This is really a game changer. I don’t know how I even lived without it. I have spent many years hunting and chasing colours mostly trying to match up come colour I have seen on random objects. This little gadget does so much. […]


  • DIY Hendricks Gin Lamp

    diy hendricks gin lamp

    I love the shape of the Hendrick’s Gin bottle, it’s one of those Bottles that you hang onto and don’t want throw it into the recycling because it’s got too much potential. DIY Hendricks Bottle Lamp I drew out this cucumber shape (Hendricks Gin is made with Cucumber and Rose Botanicals) I cut the shape […]


  • DIY Chicken Coop Project

    Chicken Coop

    DIY Chicken Coop One day, I randomly had the idea to get 2 chickens. I knew if I was going to have a coop, it would have to be a DIY Coop. My husband (who says no to everything) said, “Yes get them”. An hour later I entered the Big DIY Challenge. I entered this […]


  • How to make a Colour Wheel

    How to make a Colour Wheel Colour is the most important thing to my work. I think colour is everything! It is the difference between, liking something and LOVING something. The colour wheel is a great resource to have no matter what creative career you are in. The colour wheel is a great way of […]


  • One Room Challenge Week 5

    One Room Challenge Week 5

    One Room Challenge Week Five already! I was highly stressed this week, everything I had ordered got delayed. There is a shortage on MDF as well it seems. The light was delayed, the rugs, the sealer for the tiles. Then on thursday everything arrived on the same day. So I went straight back into action. […]


  • Best Furniture Paint

    furniture paint

    Top Furniture Paint Brands I have been painting furniture of over 10 years, literally have painted thousands of pieces of furniture in that time. I am really obsessed with the painting process and getting the best finish. There isn’t a paint brand I haven’t tried. I jumped on the chalk-ly style paint band-wagon and quickly […]


  • Top Paint Brands

    Top Paint Brands

    There are so many different paint brands on the market. With new ones arriving everyday. It can be so confusing. What are the Top Paint Brands you need to be looking for. Which brand do you go for? What brand is the best quality? I was interested to see what other people in the industry […]