Best way to get the perfect colour with Crown Colour Key Reader

This is really a game changer. I don’t know how I even lived without it. I have spent many years hunting and chasing colours mostly trying to match up come colour I have seen on random objects. This little gadget does so much. You lay it down on any flat surface and it reads that colour. Sends to the app, where you get the closest possible match plus 2 other match options. It really is the best way to get the perfect colour. 

It’s crazy to think that his little thing can do so much. 

Colour Match device


How to use it

1.You turn on the little button at the top of the device and open up the app. Lay it down on any flat surface you want to read the colour you want to get a reading off.


2. Connect to the App and press the Read icon on the bottom of the screen and the colour you have scanned pops up, so the Highest colour match along with 2 other matches to choose from.


3. Once you have the colour scan, there is so much more you can do . You can SAVE the colour to a colour palette. You can call these palettes whatever you like and you can add notes and even share them with others.

4. It doesn’t stop there. You can also clock on the Coordinate Colours Icon at the end of the screen for any colour and it will give you some colour combo options that you can also save as a palette if you wish. There is a Complementary, Triad, Analogous and Monochrome.


This little gadget organises all your colours into palettes, so it makes it easier to keep an account of colour combos for different projects which you can name, share and add notes too. It is the Best Way to get the prefect colour time and time again.

It gives to the best possible colour match for you colour scans. So you can pull colours from wallpapers and get the highest match colour wise for any area in that wallpaper. You can scan clothes, fabrics, wall colours basically anything flat. Now that’s a complete game changer for any Interior designers, upcyclers, painters and designers.

For me it gives me the freedom to develop new colour palettes, colour relationships and combinations. Really taking a look at how they work together before purchasing anything and no more testing pots.

Tips for using the Colour Key

From chatting with Bronagh on the IGTV she gave some great tips on using the colour key.

If you open the app and it says at the top of the screen ‘Your ColorReader needs Calibration’ This means you have to pop the lid back on that has a clean white colour balance to reset the colour reading so you can get the most accurate colour match.

Another great tip that Bronagh had as well was to make sure if you are reading deep pile to not push it into the surface just lay it on the surface.

The colour key reader is a real game changer for me and I highly recommend it. You can purchase it at the Crown Decorating Centres or their website HERE

Disclaimer: this is not an ad. I wanted to share this gadget as I think it’s really cool.