Top Furniture Paint Brands

upcycling furniture brushes and paint pot

I have been painting furniture of over 10 years, literally have painted thousands of pieces of furniture in that time. I am really obsessed with the painting process and getting the best finish. There isn’t a paint brand I haven’t tried. I jumped on the chalk-ly style paint band-wagon and quickly realised it was not for me. Skipping the prep step, in my eyes, is going to lead to disaster down the line – no matter what type of paint you’re using.

Saving furniture from landfill is really important to me. Up-cycling furniture is a great way to learn a new skill and its more sustainable than buying new. I have found some amazing pieces over the years that are full of character and more importantly were made to stand the test of time. Up-cycling furniture should be done with care and should be really enjoyed. Quickly painting something with no great care is just going to eventually just throw that piece back into landfill.

I am really picky when it comes what paint I use when painting furniture. When it comes to furniture, I really want paint that is nice to apply and one I don’t have to worry about chipping, is durable, easy to clean and live with.

There are so many paint brands on the market. I love trying new brands and always give them a really good test. When painting pieces in my home that I use a lot, I want to see how the paint lasts. I have had some disappointments, but three brands are at the top of my list for durability, finish and ease when it comes to using them on furniture.

These are a few things I look for when choosing the perfect paint:


There are a few things I look for with paint. Durability is the most important factor to me. If it’s not going to last when being used in everyday life, I don’t want to put in all the work into a piece that in a few months’ time will need to be redone.


Second thing I look for is how it applies. Does it apply nicely or am I struggling for coverage? Is the consistency right? These are important factors. If I am painting a lot of furniture and fighting with the paint, the whole job is going to annoy me.


Third thing I look for is how environmentally friendly the paint brand is. I always go for water-based paint and paint with low VOC (VOC means volatile organic compounds.) VOC’S are present in paints, coatings and some cleaning products. They can release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Low VOC paint is more eco-friendly than oil based paint.


The paint must be affordable as well. Some paint brands can be extremely expensive. From using some of these brands I think most of their value comes down to their branding and not necessarily because their paint is of a better quality.

These are my favourite paint brands I use for painting furniture, in no particular order:

Acres Hall

I tried this paint brand for the first time a few months ago and it is absolutely gorgeous to paint with. It was so easy to apply with a creamy consistency. There are a really nice range of colours too. The finish I love for furniture is “finest eggshell” and it’s one of the more matte paint looks. I painted a kitchen chair with it and gave it a lot of use and it has held up perfectly.

The parent company of Acres Hall is Castle Paints. Castle paints have been business 35 years so they know their stuff. Both Acres Hall and Castle Paints are made here in Ireland.

Crown Paints

I have been using Crown Paints for years. There have always been a few tins of Crown in my paint stash. This paint has great coverage, but bear in mind it needs a good stir before applying. Once it’s been stirred well, its silky smooth and goes on beautifully. They are a wide range of colours and finishes. I prefer the “quick dry satin finish” when painting furniture. It wears really well. They released a new range of colours with House and Home magazine. The pinks and corals are my favourites from that collection.

Colourtrend paints

Colourtrend paint has always been one that I use regularly. It’s the first paint I used when I started up-cycling and I must say I have never had any trouble with it. Once your piece is primed properly, it wears really well. It has a great consistency and coverage. I always go for their “fan deck” as it has all the colour options you need. I tend to go towards the satin finish, which falls somewhere between gloss and matte. Their eggshell is a lower sheen than the satin, if you want a more matte effect.

Colourtrend have been making paint in Ireland since 1953.

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