Joanne Condon

  • Upcycling Furniture Workshops Ireland

    Upcycling Furniture Workshops Ireland These are my favourite days. There is a lot of work preparing them, but they are so much fun and really rewarding watching attendees flourish creating a piece of furniture that they really love. In June 2019 I was shortlisted for the Mollie Makes Award in London, and in July I […]


  • How to Recycle Paint Cans

    How to recycle your paint cans  Crowns Can Back Scheme On my instagram a few weeks ago I asked my audience if they recycled their paint cans. It was followed by a lot of interesting conversations in my direct messages.  The most common topic that people were asking was how exactly do you recycle your empty paint cans?  […]


  • How To Paint Pine Furniture

    How to Paint Pine Furniture Remember the days of Pine ceilings teamed with pine floors, skirting board and doors. All different shades of orange varnish stains. Well those days are gone! Pine furniture is good quality, and really comes up lovely when painted. It’s such a transformation and with the good bones of the pine […]


  • Furniture Upcycling Ideas

    Furniture Upcycling Ideas

    Furniture Upcycling  Ideas There are endless things you can do with Furniture Upcycling for your home. I think it’s better to ignore the trends (unless your selling) and upcycle your pieces exactly the way you want them. I have upcycled thousands of pieces over the years, and I love experimenting with different styles. Sometimes you […]


  • Sew A Kimono

    Sew a bed sheet into a Kimono in under an hour It’s my final Challenge with eBay Ireland. eBay have challenged me to create something new from something old. If you want to check out the other two challenges, you can find them HERE and HERE. Even though these challenges were quite hard (they don’t […]


  • Painting Tiles

    What you need to know before Painting Tiles Painting tiles is only a temporary solution. They are not going to last forever and be absolutely perfect. So keeping in mind its a temporary solution, this does not work on any type of tile. I love testing paint and seeing how well it holds up. A […]


  • Upcycled Wash bag

    Ebay set me a challenge to create something new from something old, using I always accept a challenge and set off to see could I create something unexpected and different. It’s great fun to open your creative mind and have a play around with all the possibilities. I headed over to picked up […]


  • Removing Chalk paint

    removing chalk paint

      I really didn’ t think that I would be un-cycling a piece of furniture but here we are. I often get asked how do you remove chalk paint to get it back to the wood grain and this was the perfect project to share how to do that. Ercol Mid Century furniture is hands […]