Upcycled Furniture Workshops

A full day course where you learn everything you need to learn about painting furniture. From sourcing, to learning about what paints to use and what not to use, along with loads of different techniques. You will leave this full day workshop with all the knowledge you need to paint any piece of furniture in your home.


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Online Courses

Online Courses are available for a limited time. You receive 4 projects in 4 weeks, each project shares new skills and techniques are more in-depth view. Loads of relevant tips and tricks to make you a painted furniture pro.

New Course coming April 2020


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Online Classes

Online Classes are lazer focused short classes on one subject area. For example just want to learn how to prep and paint a piece of furniture properly or focus in on just one technique.

Coming March 2020


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Our Aim is to


We have thought over 1,000 people how to upcycle and paint furniture. We are committed to sharing our knowledge so that our customers are confident when painting furniture long after they leave the workshop. Our workshops and courses are about teaching people a life long skill.

Paint Advice

There are so many different types of paint, different brands, different finishes and uses it can be really confusing. Through our workshops and courses we go through exactly that paint type is the best to use on different surfaces so that you are not wasting your time and money.

The Best Products

We continuously test the best paint products and tools, to make sure we are passing on the best recommendations for better finish and easier application without sacrificing on durability.

Give you Confidence

With our teaching methods and breaking down everything into simple steps will give you the confidence to tackle any piece of furniture you want to paint. With the correct methods and know how you will be amazed with what you can achieve.

Best Finish

Paint chipping, dribbling, peeling and all your hard work is gone to waste. We take away any of the mystery on how to create the best paint finish so that you can clean, use and live with your painted furniture without giving it a second thought!

Problem Areas

Painting over something that is already been painted?  Bleed throughs, covering knots, difficult surface, all the problems you are facing, we have faced and solved. we can steer you in the right direction and teach you ways to prevent any difficulties.